Southwestern Deserts

July, 2007
Regional Report

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Organic Farming Can Feed the World

National News

One widely held criticism about large-scale organic farming is that if all farmers grew crops organically they could not produce enough food to feed the world. Researchers at the University of...

Repeat-Blooming Clematis

Clematis are well loved for their early spring and summer flowers, however there are varieties that not only start the season, they also end the summer with another flush of blooms. One of the...

New Organic Fertilizer

Midsummer is a good time to give your vegetables and flowers a boost of fertilizer to get them through the rest of the growing season. Foliar fertilizers are good to use at this time of year...

The Best Lamb's Ears

Lamb’s ears ( Stachys ) are popular perennials known for their soft, silver leaves and flower spikes. There are two common groups of Stachys available. The ground cover lamb’s ears, such as...

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In the Garden


Make Room for Quail

I am codependent with baby quail. Unaware of any support groups related to wild game birds, this affliction will just have to run its course. Gambel's quail were born in my enclosed backyard. The babies are almost all ready to fly to the top of the...
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Web Finds

Mohave Desert & Mountain Recycling Authority The Mohave Desert & Mountain Recycling Authority site is sponsored by nine California desert...

Clever Gardening Technique

Propagating Euphorbia All Euphorbia succulents exude a toxic milky sap when stems are cut. When propagating, wear...
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Regional Reminders

  • Propagate Houseplants
  • Solarize Soil
  • Control Squash Vine Borers
  • Make Lemonade or Limeade
  • Protect Grapes

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