Coastal and Tropical South

July, 2007
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New, Red Japanese Painted Fern

National News

Ferns are popular shade garden plants that add texture and interest to areas where many plants won’t thrive. While the dominant color of ferns is green, the Japanese painted fern adds a silvery...

Simple, Safe Wasp Deterrent

Wasps and yellow jackets have a habit of ruining outdoor picnics and gatherings. They often build nests close to houses or in our yards and can become a nuisance when we try to use our outdoor...

Rose Hips May Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis

Roses have been known for years to be not only beautiful but edible and medicinal as well. The rose hip, in particular, can be used in applesauce, soup, stew, marmalade, bread, pie, jam, and...

Native Ground Cover for Deep Shade

Ferns and hostas may make a big impact in shady areas, but don't overlook the beauty of smaller ground covers, especially when they burst into bloom like Meehan's mint. This native, creeping mint...

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In the Garden


Our Summer Paradise

While gardeners in other parts of the country are still hoping their tropical plants will bloom, we are, as usual, providing for their summer needs. In areas where rain has been more than plentiful, perennial and annual beds may need grooming more than...
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Gardening in the Coastal South Written by Marie Harrison, Gardening in the Coastal South (Pineapple Press, Inc., 2003; $14.95)...

Favorite or New Plant

Sunpatiens Not enough shade for impatiens? Or just looking for a lush annual to spice up your collection?...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prepare Plants for Your Vacation
  • Keeping the Figs Happy
  • Caring for Shrubs
  • Dealing With Lawn Mushrooms
  • Controlling Azalea Pests

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