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June, 2007
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Fruiting Banana Tree for Containers

National News

There is no fruit more representative of the tropics than the banana. However, other than frost-free areas in South Florida, Texas, and Southern California, you rarely see fruiting bananas in the...

Spectacular Evergreen Dogwood With Abundant Flowers

Chinese evergreen dogwoods ( Cornus angustata ) are a relatively new group of landscape trees that are primarily grown in the Southeast. Although they have been around for 20 years, they aren’t...

Electric Fly Swatter for Your Next Picnic

Summertime is mosquito and flying insect time in many areas of the country. The simplest method of killing an errant fly is with a fly swatter. However, trying to kill a flying insect with a fly...

Pea Seeds Grow Better With Vitamin C

If you’ve had trouble getting pea seeds to germinate and grow in your garden, try soaking the seeds in a solution of vitamin C or folic acid before planting. Researchers at the University of...

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In the Garden


Drip, Drip, Drip

Although many of us are still enjoying the cool temperatures and adequate rainfall of spring, we know the heat will come, possibly along with summer drought. Now, while everything is moist and succulent, is a good time to start monitoring and...
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Shows & Events

Annual Garden and Antique Sale At Northwind Perennial Farm a hand-picked group of art dealers will display and sell their wares,...

Web Finds

Colorado State Extension Water Conservation Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens , from Colorado State University Extension, gives all the...
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Regional Reminders

  • Watch for Anthracnose
  • Learn to Recognize Four-Lined Plant Bug Damage
  • Hose Off Those Spittle Bugs
  • Care for Amaryllis Outside
  • Allow Grass to go Dormant in Dry Times

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