Upper South

May, 2007
Regional Report

National News - From NGA Editors

Award-Winning, Fragrant Daylily

National News

For the last 13 years the All-American Daylily Selection Council has awarded unique and outstanding daylily varieties the prestigious "All-American Daylily" award. Their testing program helps...

Quieter, Lighter Reel Mower

Gas-powered reel mowers cut grass cleanly with a scissor action, but although they are still used by some golf course professionals, the home garden versions of these mowers were heavy, unwieldy,...

Gardeners Fight Global Warming

Gardeners are naturally concerned about the environment, and one of the major environmental concerns on gardeners’ minds is global warming. The issue seems so huge that people may feel paralyzed...

A Dwarf Joe-Pye Weed For Small Gardens

One of the best perennial plants for growing in moist soils is Joe-Pye weed ( Eupatorium purpureum ). However, this native can grow to 7 feet tall at maturity, taking up lots of space in your...

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In the Garden


To Your Health!

Gardening as a general activity brings you fresh air, sunshine (vitamin D), physical exercise, and a one-on-one opportunity to experience nature and the seasons, as well as a somewhat indefinable sense of well-being. Lawns are nice, flowers are...
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Favorite or New Plant

Ornamental Onions The allium, or onion, family is one of my favorites, both in the kitchen and in the flower...

Tool or Gardening Product

Labels and Label Maker Adding sturdy, attractive, long-lasting labels to your garden helps you keep track of what you're...
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Regional Reminders

  • Continue Planting Summer Bulbs
  • Give the Lawn a Boost
  • Prune and Fertilize Rhododendrons and Azaleas
  • Weed, Fertilize, Mulch
  • Harvest and Plant

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