Southwestern Deserts

May, 2007
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Veggie Gardening More Popular Than Flower Gardening

National News

If we believe the English are trendsetters in the gardening world, then we all better tune up our veggie beds. Vegetable gardening has always been the poor cousin to flower gardening in England...

Best Ground Covers for Roadsides

With an increased concern about the use of herbicides and pesticides on lawns, many gardeners are looking for alternative plants to grow along roadsides or on slopes. To help gardeners make the...

Fragrant, Deep Purple Climbing Rose

Climbing roses can make dramatic statements, and a new variety with unusually colored, strongly fragrant flowers promises plenty of drama. ‘Night Owl’ combines deep, rich violet, nearly black...

Efficient Tool for Watering Trees and Shrubs

Water and fertilizer is essential for healthy tree and shrub growth, however just sprinkling water and fertilizer on the soil surface around plants can be wasteful and doesn’t get the moisture and...

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In the Garden


Juicy Aphids

Aphids are cool-season insects, and it seems too warm right now for much of a population to be hanging around. But yesterday, I spotted a house finch pecking in an artemisia bush near the front sidewalk. The plant doesn't offer seeds at this time, so...
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Shows & Events

Learn Your Lizards Lizards are fascinating desert creatures, and a fun place to learn more about them is Boyce...

Clever Gardening Technique

Clean Birdbaths To attract birds to your garden, provide a regular source of water. If you use standing/still...
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Regional Reminders

  • Fertilize Citrus
  • Increase Watering Frequency
  • Relocate Containers
  • Turn Compost
  • Save Seeds

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