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April, 2007
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Shasta Daisies Offer Something Old and Something New

National News

Shasta daisies are perennial garden favorites because of their large, pure white flowers and easy-care growth habit. Now a rediscovered old variety and a recently bred new one add unique flower...

Dirt, the Natural Antidepressant

Gardeners know that playing in the soil is good for lifting the spirits, and now it seems there’s a biological reason for it. Researchers from Bristol University and University College London...

Enticing Yellow Shrub Roses

Yellow is a coveted color in roses, especially in shrub roses, with their carefree growth habit and ever-blooming nature. Now gardeners have two new choices from a series of roses called Easy...

Blast Bugs Away

Knocking pests like aphids, white flies, mealybugs, and spider mites off plant leaves with sprays of water is a widely used pest control technique. However, the effectiveness of using blasts of...

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In the Garden


Flower Queens

Gardenia and hydrangea, oleander and bottlebrush -- four plants most of us have in our gardens. We want them to do more than poke along, we want them to be healthy and floriferous. So let's look at what these prima donnas need to thrive. Organic...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Deep Soaking When planting and growing instructions say to "water well," it's hard to know exactly when and...

Favorite or New Plant

Cattleya Orchid Summer shade can be deep under trees in our region, but those branches offer great places to hang...
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Regional Reminders

  • Protect Yourself in the Garden
  • Be Color-Wise
  • Clean Birdbaths
  • Tending Ferns
  • Don't Let the Bough Break

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