Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

March, 2007
Regional Report

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The Most Fragrant Peony

National News

Peonies are widely grown spring garden plants, and their large, colorful flowers are showstoppers in the garden. The foliage provides three seasons of color and is seldom bothered by deer and...

The Pitchfork Gets a Makeover

The pitchfork is an agricultural icon that has many uses in the home garden. It’s great for spreading bark mulch, turning compost piles, and moving hay, straw, leaves, and other bulk materials....

Where Have All the Honeybees Gone?

Honeybees are the unsung heroes of our food supply. It’s estimated that up to one-third of the food we eat is dependent on honeybee pollination activity in spring and summer. In spring beekeepers...

Tree Lilac With Colorful Bark

Lilacs are common landscape plants, and while lilac shrubs get most of the attention for their colorful and fragrant flowers, tree lilacs, while lacking fragrance, have their own merits. The...

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In the Garden


Green is Good!

We belong to a video rental service that delivers one or two movies to our post office box every week. Instead of the usual comedy or musical we usually select, this week we received An Inconvenient Truth , a documentary by Al Gore. The subject of the...
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Shows & Events

Bouquets to Art The 23rd annual Bouquets To Art event returns to the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park on March...


Birds of Napa County Birds of Napa County , by Hermann Heinzel (Heyday Books, 2006; $12.95), is an illustrated guide...
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Regional Reminders

  • Pull Weeds
  • Fertilize Indoor Plants
  • Water Indoor Cacti
  • Check Roses for Aphids
  • Watch for Oak Moth Caterpillars

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