Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

March, 2007
Regional Report

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Striking BiColored Cornflower

National News

Cornflower or mountain bluet ( Centaurea montana ) is one of the staples in the midsummer perennial garden. This widely adapted plant has silver-green foliage and produces spider-like blue...

New Flowering Pear Tree

The Bradford flowering pear ( Pyrus calleryana ) is a standard urban street tree and great small-space flowering tree in many areas of the country. However, Bradford pear has one main drawback....

An Easy Way to Measure Sunlight

“Plant the right plant in the right place” is one of the mantras of garden design. One of the factors that we use in deciding where to place a plant is how much sun a particular spot can provide....

New Veggie Garden Planner

Winter is the perfect time to plan out the vegetable garden. Designing a garden used to entail sitting at the kitchen table with seed catalogs, pieces of graph paper, and pencils and sketching out...

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In the Garden


Transition Time in the Garden

Although there never seems to be a "regular" weather month in the garden, March (and September) tend to be weirder than "normal," since it can be hot and sunny one day and cold and rainy the next. Rain, wonderful rain, is the elixir of life in the...
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Shows & Events

All About Fruit Trees On March 24, from 9am-noon, Tom Spellman, guru on best fruit tree varieties for Southern...

Clever Gardening Technique

Plastic Tool Basket Use a shallow, compartmented plastic basket with a handle as a garden carryall for seed packets,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Start Herb Seedlings
  • Lettuce Bouquets
  • Handle Seedlings Gently
  • Don't Overfertilize Fruit Trees
  • Bulbs for Summer Color

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