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January, 2007
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New Two-Toned Veronica

National News

Veronica is a mainstay of many perennial flower gardens. It adds dramatic color and form when it blooms in midsummer. While most varieties display spikes of blue, red, pink, or white flowers, a...

Hardiness Zone Map Gets Warmer

Global warming is a hot topic in the news, and with the balmy weather much of the nation is enjoying this winter, many people are becoming convinced that this phenomenon is real. In light of the...

Variegated Paraguay Nightshade

When you mention the nightshade family of plants, most gardeners think of potatoes, peppers, eggplants, or tomatoes. But there is another less well-known ornamental member of this family with...

Spicy Food May Protect Against Cancer

Hot peppers may do more than just make foods tasty and spicy, they also may help kill cancer cells. Researchers at the University of Nottingham in England believe they’ve discovered the Achilles...

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In the Garden


Seed Therapy

I can't help it, I get philosophical this time of the year. Gardening fever arrives early and brings out the optimism of a new gardening season to come. If you are a veteran gardener, a hopeless romantic, an optimist, or even a new "would be" gardener...
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Web Finds

Plant Propagation from Seed This Plant Propagation From Seed online resource from Virginia Cooperative Extension provides...

Favorite or New Plant

Cardoon Cardoon ( Cynara cardunculus ) is an underutilized plant in our southern landscapes. It is both...
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Regional Reminders

  • Select Bare-Root Plants Early
  • Prune Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
  • Top-Dress Lawns with Compost
  • Start Seeds On Time
  • Clean Up Around Fruiting Plants

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