Southwestern Deserts

January, 2007
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Tempting New Tomato Varieties

National News

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable grown across the country, and for 2007 there are some new varieties that should peak everyone’s interest. One of the trends in tomatoes is fruits of...

2007 Perennial Plant of the Year

Each year there are a bevy of perennial flowers to tempt us -- both new and old favorites -- and it can be difficult to choose what to plant. The Perennial Plant Association helps us by naming a...

Gardening With Seniors and Kids

Seniors and kids are a natural combination in the garden. Seniors have years of experience, wisdom, and patience for creating gardens, and kids have the enthusiasm, energy, and strength to help...

Marigolds Thrive With Earthworm Castings

Earthworms are known to be key components of healthy garden soils. They not only aerate the soil with their tunneling, but their droppings or “castings” are known to be a good plant food, as well....

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In the Garden


Create Your Garden Retreat for the New Year

The nicest thing about garden writing is the opportunity to visit gardens and meet the gardeners who created them. I've never seen a garden that doesn't have something of interest, something I've never seen before or wouldn't have thought of, whether it...
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Shows & Events

Master Gardener Training University of Arizona Cooperative Extension is offering its 17-week Master Gardener training...

Tool or Gardening Product

Ecological Calendar Rather than month-by-month grids, this illustrated calendar represents what's happening in nature...
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Regional Reminders

  • Care for Container Christmas Trees
  • Recycle Cut Christmas Trees
  • Sow Tomato and Pepper Seeds
  • Monitor Cool-Season Veggies
  • Fertilize Citrus

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