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December, 2006
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Sourcing Organic Seeds

National News

For those avid about using organic methods to grow their vegetables, herbs, and flowers, using organically grown seed is a must. However, not all seed companies offer organic seeds so it can take...

Plant Sales Support Medical Research

Perilla is a colorful annual flower that resembles coleus but is more sun and heat tolerant. A newly introduced perilla not only has improved leaf color and texture, it also has a special story...

Amended Compost Holds More Nutrients

Adding compost to your garden soils is a great way to improve water retention and drainage and add nutrients. Making your own compost is the best way to produce large quantities at home, however,...

New Orange Eggplant

Eggplant is a favorite vegetable for grilling, roasting, and using in soups and other dishes. Most commonly available with purple skins, in the last 20 years eggplants have been introduced with...

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In the Garden


Clematis, the Queen of Vines

The other day a gardening friend informed me that she'd never had any luck with clematis. Either they didn't survive, didn't thrive, didn't flower well, or didn't look good because she pruned too much or too little and probably at the wrong time. And...
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Northwest Landscaping For the homeowner new to landscaping and faced with the overwhelming task of renovating an...

Clever Gardening Technique

Create a Terrarium If you're looking for a clever gift for a gardener, or would just like to add some carefree...
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Regional Reminders

  • Welcome Eight-Legged Insecticides
  • Keep Your Old Calendars
  • Separating Rooted Cuttings
  • Don't Worry About Premature Bulb Growth
  • Protect Container Plants

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