November, 2006
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California Law Supports School Gardens

National News

The National Gardening Association has been supporting and promoting school gardens for more than 30 years. We recognize that school gardens help kids in many ways. Children who have been through...

New Tree for the Edible Landscape

It’s not often that something new comes along in the world of yard trees, but a recently introduced tree native to northern China is not only widely adapted to American growing conditions, it...

Totally Recycled Plant Food

Gardeners are natural recyclers. They love to recycle pots, stakes, and even plants. If you’re a thrifty gardener and you garden organically, this plant food made from earthworm castings may be...

Gardening Anywhere Book

Gardening on Pavement, Tables, and Hard Surfaces (Timber Press, 2004; $30) is more than just another container gardening book. Author George Schenk shows how you can garden literally anywhere....

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In the Garden


Decorating in Outdoor Planters

Non-gardening friends are losing patience. "You can't still be busy gardening! It's November!" they plead. Yes, it IS mid-November, and many fortunate northeasterners are savoring rare, last-minute days of T-shirt and shorts weather. Which makes doing...
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Shows & Events

Wreath Workshops Celebrate the holidays with handmade wreaths for friends and yourself. Look for workshops at your...

Clever Gardening Technique

Leaf Blower For Cleaning About now, my minivan is cluttered with bark nuggets, mulch, leaves, soil, and branches. There's...
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Regional Reminders

  • Clean Out Pond
  • Wrap Fig Tree
  • Drain and Store Irrigation Hoses
  • Continue Watering
  • Dig and Store Summer Bulbs

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