Southwestern Deserts

November, 2006
Regional Report

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Eat Walnuts for a Healthy Heart

National News

With Thanksgiving approaching, many Americans are planning special holiday meals, which often are high in fat. Fat molecules have many deleterious effects on the body, including causing...

Well-Timed Amaryllis

The holidays will be upon us soon, and one of the flower stars this time of year is the amaryllis. The large, vibrant flowers are always a welcome sight, yet they never seem to last long enough,...

Grow Up With Stacking Planters

One of the prime benefits of container gardening is being able to squeeze gardens into small spaces. Now a new line of pots makes container gardening even more space-saving. The Stacking Planters...

Who Does Your Garden Grow?

Have you ever wondered where plant varieties get their names? Have you ever pondered the background of common plant names, such as the Russell lupines, Shasta daisies, or Shirley poppies? A new...

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In the Garden


Larval Food Plants for Butterfly Gardens

"Worms are devouring my butterfly garden," is a lament I periodically hear from a new gardener. Rather than cause for concern, it usually means that the plants are performing exactly as planned! Adult butterflies lay eggs on so-called host or larval...
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Web Finds

Butterflies and Moths of North America An easy map search on the Butterflies and Moths of North America Web site lets you click on...


Butterfly Caterpillars Authors Thomas J. Allen, Jim P. Brock, and Jeffrey Glassberg provide an incredibly comprehensive...
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Regional Reminders

  • Enjoy Autumn Color
  • Plant Bulbs
  • Finish Overseeding Lawns
  • Sow Wildflower Seeds
  • Thin Seedlings

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