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October, 2006
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Better Berry-Bearing Viburnum

National News

Fall is celebrated for its colorful foliage, and in addition many trees and shrubs exhibit beautiful berries at this time of year. Viburnum shrubs produce fall berries in colors ranging from black...

Flowers in the Home Keep Us Happy

There’s nothing better for brightening your day than receiving a bouquet of flowers, but does having flowers around your home on a regular basis change your mood and make you happier? Researcher...

No-Bend Bulb Planter

Fall planting of spring bulbs is in full swing in many areas of the country, and one tool that can make planting easier is a long-handled bulb planter. To use this tool, you push the cylinder into...

Winter-Hardy Camellia

Camellias are prized shrubs in the south for their snow-white blossoms and glossy evergreen leaves. Now, with the introduction of 'Winter's Snowman' Ice Angel camellia, gardeners north of the...

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In the Garden


Common or Quintessential?

The world where cold weather looms nigh would love to have the plants we consider common. We should appreciate these tropical ambassadors, too. While the selection of tropical plants gets wider every year, we see the same ones over and over. Weeping...
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The Soil Food Web Teaming with Microbes , by Jeff Lowenfels (Timber Press, 2006; $24.95), is the most important...

Favorite or New Plant

Oak Leaf Lettuce If you never could understand why people want their lettuce to be different colors, or if you're...
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Regional Reminders

  • Use Vines in Small Spaces
  • Transition Mail-Order Plants
  • Make Pepper Vinegar
  • Making More Plants
  • Caring for Cast Iron Plant

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