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October, 2006
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Research Links Acid Rain to Sugar Maple Decline

National News

Colorful fall foliage is one of the characteristic signs of autumn throughout much of the eastern United States, and sugar maples, with their brilliant orange and red leaf colors, are one of the...

Gold Medal Dogwood

Since 1978 the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) has annually recognized outstanding trees, shrubs, and woody vines. These plants are awarded the PHS Gold Medal for their eye appeal,...

New Technique for Protecting Blackberries

Trailing blackberry varieties such as ‘Siskiyou’ and ‘Chester Thornless’ are popular for their large-sized fruits and heavy production. But little commercial production of trailing blackberries...

Warmer, Wetter Winter?

Trying to predict the severity of the upcoming winter in October is like trying to predict the winner of the Super Bowl in November. But over the years atmospheric researchers have found that one...

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In the Garden


Show-Stopping Onions

Perhaps you've looked at the photos of the large ornamental onions on the bulb packages or in the catalogs and wondered if they were for real. And surely the description is just so much catalog hyperbole? Fortunately, this is one of those times when you...
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Web Finds

Bulbs The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center site offers a wide range of information about...

Tool or Gardening Product

Ultimate Cold Frame and Starter House Thinking of protecting a bed of lettuce this fall or dreaming of starting plants early next...
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Regional Reminders

  • Coaxing Amaryllis into Reblooming
  • Plant Garlic and Shallots
  • Plant and Transplant
  • Clean Up
  • Enjoy Fall Colors

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