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September, 2006
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Exotic Species Tulips

National News

Tulips are treasured flowers, yet the bulbs have a reputation for becoming less vigorous every year and hard to naturalize. For those looking for a more carefree tulip, the species or botanical...

Design Your Own Virtual Deck

Decks are popular features on more than a third of U.S. homes. They provide a place to relax, cook, entertain, and grow plants. If you're considering adding a deck, a new software program can help...

Relocate Spiders Without Harm

Gardeners know spiders are good for the garden. That knowledge doesn’t assuage some people’s fear of spiders, however, especially when they manage to enter the house. For those who want to be kind...

Global Warming May Decrease Plant Yields

Much attention has been given to the possible ways plants will respond to the warming of global temperatures. Many scientists believe that plant growth will increase. New research from the...

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In the Garden


Busy Bees

Are creatures behaving differently lately, or is it just in my garden? Usually shy, both doves and possums have come out of the shadows, and bees that usually work an assortment of flowers are concentrating only on one hibiscus. What can we learn from...
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Favorite or New Plant

Peace Lily Almost universal in low-light plant collections, peace lily (Spathiphyllum) gets pushed to the...

Tool or Gardening Product

Long-Handled Cultivator If arthritis or a wet garden bed make it hard to pull weeds, seek out a long-handled cultivator....
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Regional Reminders

  • Grow Your Own Safe Spinach
  • Make Quick And Easy Compost
  • Reinvigorate Rosemary
  • Deciphering Bulb Packages
  • Plant a Monkey Grass Border

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