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September, 2006
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Juice May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

National News

Alzheimer's disease is deadly for many older Americans, but it appears diet can be protective. Recent research suggests that we can reduce our risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease by drinking fruit...

Winter-Hardy Pansies

Large-flowered pansies are great cool-weather flowers that gardeners in the southern and western U.S. often enjoy throughout the winter. In colder climates, however, such as the Northeast and...

Easy Way to Collect Yard Waste

Fall is garden cleanup time. As the flowers, vegetables, and herbs fade, it’s time to pull up or cut back the plants. Gardeners either compost the plants or send them to a recycling center. Many...

Hospitals Offer Organic Food

Not only is a stay in the hospital stressful, hospital food has a notorious reputation for being tasteless and of poor nutritional quality. That may be changing, however. A new agreement will give...

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In the Garden


Of Muscadines and Scuppernongs

Remember, you heard it first here. The next new food fad? My money's on muscadines. Pretty soon you'll see muscadine tablets, juices, extracts, and more. Why? Perhaps you've heard of the so-called French Paradox -- the conundrum that the French have a...
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Web Finds

Muscadine Grapes in the Home Garden If you'd like to try your hand at growing muscadines in your backyard, read Muscadine Grapes in...

Shows & Events

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden There's a lot going on this fall at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia....
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Fall Vegetables
  • Renovate Lawns
  • Weed Around Fruit Trees
  • Bring Houseplants Indoors
  • Harvest Pumpkins

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