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August, 2006
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Unusual Variegated Spurge

National News

Variegated plants are hot, but sometimes they can be finicky to grow. The new variegated-leaved spurge sets a new standard, with its unique shape and interesting flowers combined with drought...

Plant Misting Made Easy

During the hot days of summer, plants benefit from a misting of cool water, just like we do. The Plant Mister makes spritzing plants a breeze. It’s ideal for misting outdoor or indoor plants to...

A Quicker, Cleaner Oil Change

It's recommended that homeowners change the oil in lawn mowers, tillers, and tractors at least once during the growing season. Changing the oil regularly prevents engine overheating and wear,...

Using Willows to Root Roses

Late summer is the perfect time to take softwood cuttings of roses and other woody shrubs to create new plants for spring. While the timing and technique is important when propagating woody shrubs...

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In the Garden


Planting Fall Veggies

In many parts of New England the nighttime temperatures have put on a chill lately, but that shouldn't discourage us. It's just a signal that it's time to get those late crops into the ground so we can eat from the garden during the glorious fall days...
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Tool or Gardening Product

CobraHead Weeder My new CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator just saved my walkway. Billed as a "steel fingernail," the...

Shows & Events

Garden Days at Strawbery Bank Museum Enjoy a two-day celebration of gardens, garden history, and New England harvest traditions on...
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Regional Reminders

  • Make Notes for Next Year
  • Take Annual Cuttings
  • Sow Cover Crops
  • Refresh Container Plantings
  • Keep Watering Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs

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