Southwestern Deserts

August, 2006
Regional Report

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New Burgundy Contorted Hazelnut

National News

Contorted hazelnut ( Corylus avellana ), or Harry Lauder’s walking stick, is a deciduous shrub known for its interesting, crooked branches that are most evident once the leaves drop. A new variety...

Win A Tiller

Gardeners know the key to success in any garden is healthy soil, and that requires regular additions of organic matter. A tiller can be a valuable tool for incorporating organic matter and other...

A Fountain That Runs on Sunlight

Garden accessories are all the rage, and water features are one of the favorites of home gardeners. Fountains, babbling brooks, and waterfalls are beautiful additions to a garden, but they can be...

No More Front Lawns

In most American households, food gardens are relegated to the back yard. But front-yard vegetable gardens were the norm back in the early 20th century, when yards were used primarily to produce...

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In the Garden


Lawn in the Desert

It's 115 degrees today with no relief in sight. Summer rains have been sparse in my neighborhood. I collected a scant bit of rainfall one night in the buckets below my eaves. In such a hot, dry climate, is there justification for including water-thirsty...
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Web Finds

Arizona Odonates I had four photographs of dragonflies and damselflies that I needed to identify and found this...

Clever Gardening Technique

Take a Sunshine Audit Make notes or sketches of where the sun strikes in your landscape at different times of the day...
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Regional Reminders

  • Feed and Water Houseplants
  • Watch for Squash Vine Borers
  • Check Irrigation Systems
  • Move Containers
  • Plant Palms

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