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July, 2006
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Grow a Fall Crop of Strawberries

National News

Strawberry lovers take heart; for those who can’t get enough fresh strawberries and wish the June crop produced over a longer period, there may be a solution. A new cropping technique developed by...

New, Natural Weed Killer

Summertime means weeding time for most gardeners. While the old methods of hand pulling and hoeing are still the most effective, sometimes you’d just like to spray those weeds to get rid of them....

Unique Pine Tree

Evergreen trees fill many roles in the landscape. They block unsightly views, provide a dark backdrop to colorful flowering shrubs and perennials, and create habitat for birds and wildlife. It’s a...

Free Guide for Organic Gardeners

The number of organic farmers, as well as the number of acres devoted to organic growing methods, has increased steadily for the past 10 years. This increase creates a need for up-to-date growing...

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In the Garden


Grin and Bear It

I could say I feed the birds to help them make it through the winter with its scarcity of food, but that would be stretching the truth. I feed them as much for my benefit as theirs, because I don't stop even in summer when wild food abounds. I feel like...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Rejuvenating Strawberry Plants Strawberry plants lose some oomph each year, but you can prolong the productivity of your patch...

Web Finds

Backyard Wildlife Habitat If you'd like to turn your yard into a wildlife habitat -- and get a certificate to prove it --...
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Regional Reminders

  • Fertilize Blueberries
  • Propagate Oriental Poppies
  • Avoid Using Sprinklers in Midday Sun
  • Loosen Soil Surface
  • Fertilize Container Plantings

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