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June, 2006
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An Apple a Day Helps Memory

National News

The old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" can now be amended to include keeping your memory sharp as you age. Research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell suggests that drinking 2...

New Colorful, Heat-Tolerant Plants

The heat is on this summer, and many gardeners are wondering which flower varieties will perform the best during these hot, sultry days. To help gardeners decide, researchers at the University of...

A More Efficient Way To Water

Many gardeners keep their lawns looking green and lush by putting their sprinkler irrigation systems on a timer to automatically provide adequate water for their grass. While automatic systems are...

Unique Hanging Planters

It’s not too late to plant container gardens, especially if you’re growing in hanging containers such as the handy Plug & Grow bags. Designed to hang from a ceiling, deck, or porch, each...

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In the Garden


Bluebirds and Brown Bats and Toads, Oh My!

I saw my first Japanese beetle yesterday, which means that hordes of these and other plant-eating insects won't be far behind. What's a gardener to do? There are all sorts of insecticide sprays available, but if you shy away from applying too many...
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Web Finds

Keep Pets Safe Summertime means time spent outdoors for both you and your furry friends. That means frolicking...

Clever Gardening Technique

Don't Let Dogs Eat Cocoa Mulch Cocoa bean shells, a by-product of chocolate production, have become popular for mulching....
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Regional Reminders

  • Mulch Pathways
  • Control Mosquitoes
  • Rein In Exuberant Perennials
  • Root Coleus Cuttings
  • Pinch Basil

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