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May, 2006
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Exercise in a Garden Gym

National News

Gardeners naturally spend lots of time outdoors. But just because they’re outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting the right kind of exercise. A group in England is trying to change that....

A Simpler Way to Make New Plants

Air layering is a gardening propagation technique where new roots are encouraged to grow on a stem or branch of an herbaceous or woody plant in order to create a new plant. It’s a convenient way...

Barriers for Root Weevils

Root weevils are destructive pests of many plants including strawberries, raspberries, rhododendrons, euonymus, and azaleas. The young larvae feed on the roots, while the black, snouted, weevil...

New Purple Poppies

Oriental poppies are one of the darlings of the perennial garden. Their large, showy flowers herald the beginning of the summer flower season. An outstanding new variety is causing a stir in...

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In the Garden


Dealing With Bugs

In the world of pest control there are many non-spraying ways to keep pests at bay. One I've experimented with is growing trap crops. Trap crops are plants that certain pests really like. When you plant them in the garden, all the pests go to the trap...
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Web Finds

USDA Garden Site If you're looking for a comprehensive collection of gardening publications, the USDA Gardening...


The New Flower Gardener The New Flower Gardener , by Pippa Greenwood (Barnes & Noble Books, 2002; $13), is illustrated...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prune Pines
  • Plant Potatoes
  • Transplant Seedlings
  • Dethatch Lawns
  • Weed Out Bittercress

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