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April, 2006
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New Black and Gold Cannas

National News

Seven years ago a new canna lily from South Africa took the gardening world by storm. ‘Tropicanna’ canna features bright orange flowers and multicolored leaves with pink, yellow, red, orange, and...

An Eye-Catching Golden Fern

Ferns are gaining in popularity as more gardeners are choosing these plants for shady spots in their yards. Ferns offer ease of care, and beautiful, textured fronds of varying shapes and sizes....

Antibiotics in Veggies?

Adding manure to vegetable gardens is a time-honored method of fertilizing plants. However, many animals are fed regular doses of antibiotics, and up to 90 percent of those antibiotics can pass...

Copper Blocker Mesh for Slug Control

Spring means wet weather, and wet weather means slugs. Many gardeners know of the efficacy of using copper wire or copper flashing as a barrier to repel slugs. The slugs get a small electrical...

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In the Garden


Transplanting Time

Transplanting isn't rocket science but quite a bit of research is conducted to gain new insights into what encourages a plant to put out new roots, settle into a new spot, and generally weather the experience with minimum shock. Since we all get stuck...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Figuring Organic Matter Content We all know that organic matter has loads of benefits for soil, but how do you tell if your soil...

Shows & Events

Garden Antiques & Specialty Plant Sale The second annual Spring Fair at Blithewold, with garden antiques and a specialty plant sale,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Wait to Fertilize Lawns
  • Plant Cool-Season Veggies
  • Prepare Asparagus Beds
  • Rejuvenate Houseplants
  • Support Peonies

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