June, 2006
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Showy Red-Flowering Vine

National News

Looking for a new flowering annual vine to add to your summer collection? Look no further than the ‘Great Cascade Wine Red’ Lophospermum. The attractive light green, hairy leaves have ruffled...

Level Your Pots

You’ve probably heard of pot feet and pot toes. These products are used to keep containers elevated off the ground for better water drainage. Now there’s a way to keep you pots, statues, and...

Nutritious Mushrooms

When we think of foods high in healthful antioxidants, fungi don't typically come to mind. But, in fact, mushrooms have been found to be high in the antioxidant ergothioneine, which protects cells...

Nickel Prevents Daylily Rust

Got daylilies? You might also be getting daylily rust. What was once considered an indestructible plant has been succumbing to a rust disease in many parts of the country. Daylily rust symptoms...

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In the Garden


A Brush With Poison Ivy

Memorial Day gardening sent me to the shower ... twice. First, to remove soil smudges and sweat from planting annuals in 90-degree heat. The second time, 20 minutes later, following several surprise encounters with vigorous poison ivy ( Toxicodendron...
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Shows & Events

Happenings at Bartram's A Place to Take Root: The History of Flowerpots and Garden Containers in North America is a free...

Web Finds

Wayne's Word Surfing for info about poison ivy, I discovered Wayne's Word , an Online Textbook of Natural...
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Regional Reminders

  • Let in Light and Air
  • Use Organic Control for Mildew and Other Diseases
  • Spray Sooner Rather Than Later
  • Prune Off Spent Lilac Flowers
  • Pinch for Bushiness

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