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March, 2006
Regional Report

National News - From NGA Editors

New Red and Pink Everblooming Hydrangeas

National News

Many gardeners in Northern climates have been enjoying the blue hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’ for a few years. Unlike most mophead hydrangeas ( Hydrangea macrophylla ), ‘Endless Summer’ blooms on new...

Dual-Use Water Nozzle

It’s time to start watering lawns and gardens. While conventional water nozzles produce a pressurized stream of water that’s good for washing cars and driveways, they aren’t the best for watering...

Unique Double-Flowered Hostas

Hostas are one of the most popular shade perennials. They’re carefree and easy to grow, and not only are there many variations of leaf color and pattern, the flowers on many varieties are...

Avoid Cypress Mulch

Hurricane Katrina’s destruction on the gulf coast extends beyond the houses and streets of New Orleans. It’s estimated that more than 64,000 acres of mature cypress forest was wiped out in the...

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In the Garden


A Time and Place for Messin' Around

We've all heard the rules about landscaping and gardening. Landscapes should be created using proper design techniques, color combinations, balance, texture, etc. Vegetable gardens have their prescribed order, with productivity in mind. The list goes...
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Favorite or New Plant

Citrus in Containers We live a bit too far north for most citrus to be dependably cold hardy in the landscape. This...

Tool or Gardening Product

Misting Nozzles When starting small seeds in the garden or in transplant trays, it's difficult to water them...
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Regional Reminders

  • Move Houseplants Outdoors
  • Plant Warm-Season Veggies
  • Get Ready to Fertilize Turf
  • Watch for Aphids
  • Make Last Pruning Cuts on Trees

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