Upper South

March, 2006
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Iowa County Mandates Purchase of Locally Grown Organic Foods

National News

While many people agree that eating locally grown organic produce is a good idea, one county has put its money where its mouth is. Organic food producers in the Midwest got a big boost recently...

New 3-in-1 Blueberry

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow. The bushes are small and attractive, and given the right soil conditions they can yield a pail full of delicious berries. If you have room for...

Hardy Tree Rose

Tree or “standard” roses make lovely focal points in the landscape, and they lend a formal touch when grown on either side of a doorway or along walkways. While great strides have been made in...

Iris Pot Covers

Container gardening is hot, and the use of decorative pots is even hotter. In some cases, the pots have become even more important than the plants inside them. One growing trend is matching the...

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In the Garden


Run for Cover

Among my winter's reading have been two magazine articles on ground covers. This may not seem the most exciting subject, but both offered a perspective that caught my attention. Although the term ground covers may bring to mind a boring sea of...
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Web Finds

Rain Gardens Rain gardens -- areas planted near downspouts or low-lying areas where storm water runs -- help...


Essays on Tree Ecosystems Although trees are the most dominant life form of most undisturbed terrestrial ecosystems, they...
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Regional Reminders

  • Add Plants for Birds
  • Try a New Food Crop
  • Don't Jump the Gun on Indoor Seed Starting
  • Attend a Spring Garden Show
  • Start Greens in a Cold Frame

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