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February, 2006
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Award-Winning Roses

National News

There are literally hundreds of rose varieties available for gardeners to plant. In order to help us choose the best ones, the All-America Rose Selections organization tests new varieties for two...

A Deer Control Roundup

Deer are a big problem for gardeners in many areas of the country. While there are a plethora of home and commercial remedies and deterrent methods available, it can be hard to differentiate...

A Better Solution for Powdery Mildew

For a number of years baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) sprays have been recommended for controlling powdery mildew and black spot fungal diseases on roses, phlox, and other garden plants. Baking...

New Arabian Lilac

Lilacs ( Syringa sp.) are popular ornamental shrubs in many northern gardens. The Arabian lilac ( Vitex trifolium purpurea ‘Fascination’), while not a true lilac, is a good alternative for...

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In the Garden


Go For the Gold

Gold and yellow flowers add a burst of sunshine to flower beds, but why limit the golden aura to when flowers are in bloom. There are many wonderful plants with golden foliage that add a glow to the garden, especially in shade, and even in winter....
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Shows & Events

New England Spring Flower Show The theme of this year's annual show, March 11-19, at the Bayside Expo Center in Boston is...


Gold Fever You'll need sunglasses to pour over Karen Platt's photo-laden book on golden-leaved plants,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Force Flowering Branches
  • Prune Trees and Shrubs
  • Check Grow Lights
  • Remove Forced Bulbs From Cold Storage
  • Plan for New Gardens

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