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January, 2006
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New “Chocolate” Mimosa

National News

Foliage the color of chocolate is all the rage in the gardening world. From annuals and perennials to trees and shrubs, it seems like many plants have a selection that features dark burgundy or...

Growing Tropical Houseplants

Winter can be a rough time for gardeners. The lack of greenery and flowers drives many gardeners to try growing tropical houseplants as a way to assuage their desire for summer. Unfortunately, a...

Fiber May Not Protect Against Cancer

For years the medical establishment has recommended eating a high-fiber diet to make us healthier and help prevent cancer — especially colon cancer. New research from the Harvard School for Public...

New Award-Winning Vegetables

Ahh, it’s January -- time to leaf through the latest seed catalogs looking for the best new varieties. One way to decide what to grow this spring is to trust the professionals. For more than 70...

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In the Garden


Houseplant Pests On the Rise!

I was admiring my seemingly healthy kentia palm recently when I noticed small, shiny spots scattered over the leaves. A closer inspection showed me the beginnings of scale, a common houseplant pest that is very hard to get rid of. The sticky spots are...
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Web Finds The encyclopedia of flowers and plants is a comprehensive listing of plants by...

Clever Gardening Technique

Shower With Your Plants! It sounds silly, but it's a good solution to houseplant pest problems. Each time you take a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prune When the Weather Permits
  • Saving Your Poinsettia
  • Give Herbs a Fluorescent Boost
  • Drown Those Fungus Gnats
  • Limit the Deicing Salt

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