Southwestern Deserts

December, 2005
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Keeping Paper White Narcissus From Flopping

National News

Paper white narcissus are popular bulbs for forcing indoors. The fragrant, white flowers are hopeful signs of spring. However, the tall flower stalks and leaves flop over easily, and even though...

Unusual Night-Scented Geraniums

Many gardeners love scented geraniums ( Pelargonium ) for their foliage that releases fragrance when the leaves are rubbed. Gardeners may be less familiar with other members of the Pelargonium...

An Intelligent Indoor Plant Light

It’s great to brighten up a cold winter day by growing plants under lights indoors. Even a small African violet or orchid on a desk or table can help lift spirits. Now a new indoor plant light...

The Complete Houseplant Resource

Houseplants are often a spontaneous purchase at the garden center, big box, or grocery store. It’s hard to resist a lush palm, flowering orchid, or fragrant gardenia. Houseplants are certainly a...

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In the Garden


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

What souvenirs do you collect on a day trip or extended vacation? Local folk art, culinary delicacies, tee shirts proclaiming you were there? I like all those choices but more often than not return home to empty a pocket, suitcase, or car trunk filled...
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Shows & Events

Master Gardener Training Everything you ever wanted to know about desert gardening is taught in the University of Arizona...

Favorite or New Plant

Elephant's Food Elephants browse the small but succulent leaves of Portulacaria afra in its native habitat of...
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Regional Reminders

  • Care for Christmas Trees
  • Harvest Your Decor
  • Buy Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners
  • Order Seeds
  • Prolong Poinsettia Bloom

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