Pacific Northwest

October, 2005
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Red-Stemmed Willow Adds Beauty to the Winter Garden

National News

It's often difficult to find color in the winter garden, especially in northern climates. One of the best ways to introduce color during this dark season is to grow trees and shrubs with brightly...

Calcium Fertilizer Helps Trees Survive Winter

With winter around the corner, many gardeners will be preparing their landscape plants for the coming cold temperatures. With an estimated 1 million urban trees worldwide dying each year from...

Practical Science for Gardeners

Fall and winter are great times of year to "bone up" on your garden reading. In addition to the books on designing your garden and growing specialty plants, pick up this new book by English author...

Appreciation for Nature Begins in Childhood

Many gardeners can trace their love of plants and nature back to childhood memories of gardening with relatives or friends. New research from Washington State University confirms what many...

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In the Garden


Masses of Grasses

I have long been a fan of ornamental grasses, but I especially appreciate them late in the season, when my other perennials begin to look a bit bedraggled. I began collecting ornamental grasses about five years ago and am convinced it has been a...
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Favorite or New Plant

Crested Iris Crested Iris ( Iris cristata ) is a short, dense relative of more common garden iris, but this...

Clever Gardening Technique

Putting the Garden to Bed If you've harvested the last of your vegetables, it's time to get the garden ready for winter. It...
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Regional Reminders

  • Dig Dahlia Tubers
  • Avoid Red Thread Disease
  • Store Fertilizers
  • Plant Tulip Bulbs
  • Clean Up Now to Reduce Plant Diseases

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