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September, 2005
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Five Steps to Bulb Planting Success

National News

The best time to plant spring bulbs depends on where you live. Ideally, wait until the soil temperature is below 60°F. As a general guide, plant in September through early October if you live in...

Fall Cleanup Q and A

Cutting Back Perennials Question: After the first frost, should I cut back the flower stalks on my perennials? Or is it best to leave them as is and cut them back in the spring?...

Plant Protector Bags

With fall around the corner, thoughts turn to protecting prized plants from frost. Many gardeners watch the forecast for threats of frost and then run out to protect plants with blankets, buckets,...

Shrub Dogwood Trials

Shrub forms of dogwood (Cornus) make excellent landscape plants and are widely used by landscapers around the country. They are known for their green or variegated foliage, attractive flowers and...

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In the Garden


Donations From the Garden

As I look at the food my garden is still producing, I can't help but think about all the people who've lost their gardens along with their homes as a result of the recent hurricanes. At a time when they most need green space or growing plants or any...
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All About Frost A Gardener's Guide to Frost , by Philip Harnden (Willow Creek Press, 2003; $24.50) is part...

Tool or Gardening Product

Messenger Messenger is like a vitamin for your plants. The active ingredient is identical to a naturally...
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Regional Reminders

  • Control Japanese Beetle Larvae
  • Bury Bean Vines
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs
  • Clean Tools
  • Save Dahlias

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