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September, 2005
Regional Report

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Agastache 'Apache Sunset'

National News

Agastache or hyssop is an old-fashioned perennial plant that's gaining in popularity with the introduction of new varieties. Agastache is a versatile plant. It has attractive foliage and flower...

Ultra Grow Container Liner

One of the pitfalls of growing plants in containers is improper watering. Containers can dry out quickly or be overwatered by Mother Nature or overzealous gardeners. While underwatered containers...

Root Pruning Potbound Plants

Fall is a great time to buy trees and shrubs at your local nursery. Most gardeners have heard that if your tree or shrub is potbound (roots encircling the rootball), you should score or break up...

Award-Winning Hydrangea

Since 1978 the Gold Medal Plant Award Program at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has recognized trees, shrubs, and woody vines of outstanding merit. These winners are relatively new plants...

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In the Garden


September's Gardening Delights

I love gardening in September. Cool mornings and evenings bracket midday warmth. The soil is still warm, a boon to seed germination. The prospect of crunchy, cool-season crops like lettuce, peas, broccoli, and cabbage is welcome after the summer's...
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Favorite or New Plant

Bearded Iris This is a good time to manicure these over-ruffled spring delights. Trim the foliage fans to...

Clever Gardening Technique

Drying Your Own Flowers Collect flowers for drying to make arrangements that you've grown yourself. The easiest to dry...
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Regional Reminders

  • Troubleshoot Poor Germination
  • Propagate Beloved Plants
  • Feed Citrus
  • Slow Roses Down
  • Tend the Compost Pile

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