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July, 2005
Regional Report

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New Improved Shrub

National News

The Texas Superstar Plant Program at Texas A & M University takes well-known plants and develops unique selections with new characteristics. In 2005 breeders improved upon a common landscape shrub...

New Corn Earworm Control

Corn earworm is a big problem for gardeners across the country. An old-fashioned yet effective organic control is to apply a several drops of mineral oil on the corn silks (where the adult moths...

Clay Controls Weeds

Over the past decade, kaolin clay was introduced as a disease and insect control for various crops (see "High Tech Dust Foils Pests" ). Now, new research from the USDA suggests that this clay...

No-Mow Grass

It's midsummer and many gardeners are getting tired of mowing the lawn. There's no getting around mowing a manicured Bermuda grass or Kentucky bluegrass lawn, but if you have an orchard, vacation...

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In the Garden


New Tree TLC

If you have a new shade tree in your yard you probably want it to grow big as quickly as possible. However, the first summer is a very stressful one for a new tree, and without proper care it could be its last. Here are a few tips to keep your new shade...
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Web Finds

Patio Citrus If you'd like to try your hand at growing citrus but live in a zone that is just too cold, this...

Favorite or New Plant

Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia) Angel's Trumpet, known also by its proper name Brugmansia, is the perfect choice for a deck,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Watch for Aphids on Crape Myrtles
  • Plant Fall Tomatoes
  • Container Plants Need Regular Watering
  • Fire Ants Control in Summer
  • Renovate Gardens for Fall

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