New England

June, 2005
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The Best Salvias For Hot Summers

National News

Salvias are one of the most commonly grown bedding plants across the country. They grow and flower quickly, producing spikes of red, white, pink, blue, and purple flowers all summer long. However,...

Plastic Mulch Repels Pests

Tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, and cucumbers are popular summer garden vegetables. However, they also are subject to many insects and diseases. Gardeners have used colored plastic mulch to...

Organic Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are a major pest in lawns and gardens across much of the country. Now there is an effective organic control that will help eliminate these harmful pests that's safer for the environment...

Kudzu Reduces Alcohol Consumption

The "vine that ate the South" may have a positive side after all. Researchers at the McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, investigated kudzu as a treatment to curb excessive drinking....

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In the Garden


Healthy Soil: What Lies Beneath?

Many a gardener, myself included, has succumbed to "planting frenzy," only to guiltily admit later on that maybe we should have let the soil dry out a bit more or maybe they should have taken the time to mix in some organic matter. One rainy spring, I...
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Web Finds

Soil Biology Movies You'll have new appreciation for all that's going on beneath the surface of your garden after...

Tool or Gardening Product

Swan Neck Hoe My favorite weeder is a swan neck hoe. The angled blade and long handle lets me weed standing up,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Water Deeply
  • Mulch Walkways
  • Combat Grubs
  • Remove Moldy Strawberries
  • Boost Growth of Tomatoes and Peppers

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