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May, 2005
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New Variegated Plants

National News

Gardeners sometimes have mixed feelings about variegated plants. On one hand, they add color when the plant is out of bloom. On the other hand, variegated plants can be less vigorous compared to...

Rotating Hanging Basket

Have you ever noticed how your hanging baskets get lopsided by midsummer? Usually it’s because one side receives more sunlight than the other, spurring uneven growth. Short of getting up on a...

Sugar Helps Trees Survive

Many trees suffer from transplant shock after being dug from the nursery and put into containers to be sold at the garden center. Often less than 5 percent of the original roots survive the move....

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In the Garden


A Pond Quiz

Fancy yourself a pond lover? Here's a brief quiz to jump-start the season, whether you are just getting started in aquatic gardening or are a seasoned pro. The answers are at the bottom, just in case! 1. A pond is best sited: a. at the lowest spot...
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Shows & Events

New Rose Garden to Open at Olbrich Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin, is celebrating the opening of its innovative new...

Tool or Gardening Product

Kaolin clay Although not brand new, a product that is fast becoming the organic fruit growers' champion is...
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Regional Reminders

  • Keep That Bulb Foliage
  • Provide Water for Migrating Birds
  • Make Cut Flowers Last a Long Time
  • Watch for Iris Borers
  • Thin Those Baby Seedlings

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