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March, 2005
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Celebrate National Garden Month

National News

"Give A Garden -- Add Beauty to Life" is the theme of this year's National Garden Month, a celebration organized by the National Gardening Association, with the assistance of numerous...

Hellebores: Perennial Plant of the Year

The Lenten rose ( Helleborus x hybridus ) has been making quite a splash recently. There are many new varieties available, and more gardeners are discovering the delights of this early-blooming,...

Barberry Alternatives

Barberries are attractive landscape plants. Their thorns can repel deer and other animals, they spread quickly to create a protective hedge, they are widely adapted to poor soils, and they grow in...

Micro Eco-Farming

While a major back-to-the-land movement 30 years ago received a lot of press, author Barbara Berst-Adams contends another more quiet back-to-the-land movement has been happening on small acreages...

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In the Garden


Growing Gifts

Something there is about gardening that invites sharing. Of course, there are always exceptions, but for the most part gardeners are a generous lot, more than willing to share time, knowledge, and plants. Volumes could be written on the psychology of...
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Shows & Events

Oregano Ole An all-day symposium with a southwestern theme, sponsored by the Central Indiana Unit of The Herb...


Grace from the Garden In considering community gardens and ways to share your gardening enthusiasm, you might want to...
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Regional Reminders

  • Caring for Easter Lilies
  • Tending the Strawberry Patch
  • Sprucing Up Perennials and Ornamental Grasses
  • Start Tender Bulbs
  • Plant Cool-Season Vegetables

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