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March, 2005
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Orchids for Dummies

National News

Orchids are one of the hottest plants in the United States. They are second only to poinsettias as the most popular potted plant, and they are becoming more widely available. You can find orchids...

Colorful Asparagus Beans

Asparagus beans are the oriental version of our popular pole bean. They love warm weather, growing vigorously and producing an abundance of long, thin, crunchy beans with small seeds. They are...

Eat My Car

Toyota Motor Corporation is developing new plastic products made from natural materials to be used in building their cars. Bioplastics are biodegradable, their production doesn’t increase the...

Best Lamium for Shade

The Chicago Botanic Garden has evaluated 21 different dead nettles ( Lamium ) over the past six years to determine the best varieties in their USDA zone 5 climate. Lamium is a colorful shade or...

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In the Garden


Plants We Love to Brush Against

After a winter devoid not only of color but also of fragrance, I crave freesias, tuberoses, gardenias, jasmine, hyacinths -- even the earthy smell of a newly opened bag of potting soil. In this weakened state of mind I just bought two fragrant orchids,...
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Elegant Silvers: Striking Plants for Every Garden If your experience with silver plants is limited to dusty miller, Elegant Silvers: Striking...

Clever Gardening Technique

Treating Powdery Mildew on Indoor Plants Even indoor plants -- especially begonias, lavender, and rosemary -- can get powdery mildew. The...
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Regional Reminders

  • Spray Horticultural Oil
  • Set Up Cold Frame
  • Keep Cyclamen Healthy
  • Get Rakes Ready
  • Start Cole Crops

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