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March, 2005
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Short, Colorful Mullein

National News

Most gardeners know mullein as a large, velvety-leaved perennial that self sows in your garden and produces a 5-foot-tall, yellow flower stalk in midsummer. The English have taken a liking to this...

New Everbearing Blackberries

For years gardeners have enjoyed everbearing raspberry varieties, such as ‘Heritage’. These varieties fruit twice a year -- in summer and fall. Now from the University of Arkansas comes a breeding...

Star Search for New Plants

Ever wonder if that unusual flower that sprang up in your yard is a new variety that might be worth millions? Even though plant-breeding companies spend thousands of dollars to develop new...

Biodegradable Cell Phones

The latest recycling challenge involves the bevy of discarded electronic equipment, and one of the biggest culprits are cell phones. As people change phone plans and upgrade the quality and style...

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In the Garden


Bring Spring Indoors

As soon as we get even one day of late-winter weather when the temperature is inviting, I begin rambling about the yard. This is the time of year when vernal witch hazels begin blooming, which always reminds me that it's time to bring in some flowering...
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Shows & Events

Chicago Flower and Garden Show Extraordinary gardens complete with waterfalls, windmills, and pyramids; gardening seminars; much...

Web Finds

Composting at Home The Composting at Home Web site from Ohio State University Extension Service is a great place...
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Regional Reminders

  • Don't Prune "Bleeders" on Warm Spring Days
  • Don't Worry About Bulbs That Emerge Prematurely
  • Keep Seedlings Healthy With Milled Sphagnum Moss
  • Transplant Seedlings Early
  • Plan Your Composting Arrangement

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