New England

February, 2005
Regional Report

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New Fragrant Coneflowers

National News

Coneflowers are well loved as wildflowers, perennial garden flowers, and medicinal herbs. Now you can add "fragrant cut flowers" to their list of assets. Echinacea 'Sunrise' and Echinacea...

Exciting New Annual Flowers

While we all love to come upon a totally new plant we've never seen before, new variations on old favorites -- such as these six new flower introductions -- can be just as tempting. 'Magellan...

New Tomato Varieties for 2005

Tomato is the king of the vegetable garden. There are hundreds of varieties available, and no matter how many you grow, there's always the temptation to try one more. Here are some of the latest...

Earthworm Castings Repel Insects

It's widely known that earthworm castings (droppings) are a great fertilizer (especially for container plants) and can suppress soil diseases. Now, research from Germany has found that not only do...

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In the Garden


Time for Cuttings

The lengthening days are enough to tease any gardener, and even though we won't be digging in the garden for another three months, it's time for repressed gardeners to come out of hibernation. We can buy seeds and make wish lists, and even get our hands...
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Web Finds

Propagating Trees and Shrubs If you're interested in going beyond propagating houseplants and want to try your hand at making...

Shows & Events

Flower Shows February and March are peak flower show times in New England, so catch at least one of them. The...
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Regional Reminders

  • Check Plants in Cold Storage
  • Foil Powdery Mildew
  • Review Garden Notes
  • Sow Leeks and Onions
  • Give Nontraditional Flowers for Valentine's Day

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