Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

January, 2005
Regional Report

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Best Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the number of vegetable varieties available? Wouldn't it be great if you could know, before you plant, which varieties will perform best in your area?...

Fish Emulsion Stops Damping Off

If you've ever started seeds, you've undoubtedly experienced having seedlings suddenly keel over at the soil line. This condition, called damping off, is typically caused by two different fungi:...

Antique Roses for the South

Antique roses continue to be the rage across the United States. However, most information on the best varieties to grow is geared towards gardeners in cooler climates, such as...

Sweet Road Salt

‘Tis the season for ice and snow in most parts of the country. As any gardener knows, rock salt used on roadways is effective at deicing the pavement. However, it also harms lawns and roadside...

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In the Garden


Weathering the Rainy Season

Wet, wet, wet! The winter rains have arrived at last, and the ground is thoroughly saturated. Walking through the garden is like an aquatic adventure. Feet squish over soggy lawns, dripping foliage soaks your clothing as you walk past, and the...
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Shows & Events

Bird-Watching for Children Bring your children ages 7 and older to a free bird-watching tour/nature hike through the San...


In the Company of Stone In the Company of Stone , by Dan Snow (Artisan Publishing, 2001; $22.50), is a book dedicated to...
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Regional Reminders

  • Buy Camellias and Azaleas in Bloom
  • Plant Sweet Peas
  • Prune Deciduous Plants and Trees
  • Spray Deciduous Plants
  • Be Kind to Houseplants

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