Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2005
Regional Report

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ARS Member's Choice Rose

National News

Since 2003 The American Rose Society (ARS) has awarded a Member’s Choice Award each year to the rose that receives the highest kudos from ARS members. The award covers roses introduced to the...

Grow Bigger Potatoes

If you’re hoping to grow the biggest potatoes possible this summer, try adding more calcium to the soil. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison grew ‘Russet Burbank’ potatoes in...

Simpler Seeding

Planting your garden from seed just got a little simpler. SeedBallz is a new product that features seeds encased in a marble-sized clay and sand ball. To plant, just spread the balls on top of the...

Rebecca's Garden Helps Seniors

Gardening continues to be one of the most important pastimes for older adults, but even healthy seniors can lose interest in this hobby because of brief illness, injury, or lack of companionship....

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In the Garden


The Onset of Lawn Diseases

One of the most common lawn-thinning diseases in the Rockies is leaf spot/melting out. The disease is actually a complex of several fungi, that attack Kentucky bluegrasses, tall fescues, and rye grasses. The leaf spot phase is most evident during...
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Perennial Combinations Don't know what to plant or which plants combine well with each other? Perennial Combinations ,...

Favorite or New Plant

False Indigo Blue false indigo ( Baptisia australis ) adds grace to the summer garden with its tall spires of...
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Regional Reminders

  • Keep Mosquitoes at Bay
  • Deadhead Peonies
  • Irrigate Strawberries From the Bottom
  • Cultivate Compacted Soils
  • Monitor the Garden for Leaf Diseases

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