Southwestern Deserts

June, 2004
Regional Report

In the Garden


Add Color with Desert-Adapted Trees

I met a fellow the other day whose landscape plan involved adding enough trees to "create a forest" in his yard. I liked the sentiment. My yard doesn't offer enough space for all of the trees I covet, but I have a wish list for whenever I move to a vast...
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Basil Pesto Pick basil early in the morning when the essential oils are most flavorful. Gently wash and pat...


Gardener's Latin Did you study Latin in school? (Me neither.) Did you study Latin, but nod off in class? This...
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Regional Reminders

  • Increase Watering Frequency
  • Clean Bird Feeders and Baths
  • Protect Sun-Sensitive Succulents
  • Transplant Sweetpotato Slips
  • Harvest Basil

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