Middle South

June, 2004
Regional Report

In the Garden


A Bounty of Beneficials

The poppies are popping and the squash are squashing, but the biggest dramas being played out in my garden right now are taking place on the insect stage. It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, and it looks to me like the good guys outnumber the bad guys...
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Web Finds

Daddy Longlegs They have no fangs or venom, but that doesn't stop people from being spooked by these...


Garden Insects of North America Understanding the world of insects just got easier for gardeners thanks to Dr. Whitney Cranshaw's...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Pumpkins
  • Propagate Sweetpotato Vine
  • Pinch Chrysanthemums
  • Sow More Basil
  • Groom Annuals

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