June, 2004
Regional Report

In the Garden



Clematis vines are lovely, well-mannered plants for large and small gardens. They can drape along the top of an arch, festoon an arbor, or soften a fence. They can clamber up through shrubs or climb trees. They can even serve as a ground cover. Some...
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Shows & Events

If Plants Could Talk: Beachside Gardens "If Plants Could Talk" is a gardening television series from Rutgers University, and on July 3 at...

Web Finds

Annmarie Garden Annmarie Garden is a 30-acre, public sculpture park where art and nature meet through permanent...
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Regional Reminders

  • Stop Mosquitoes
  • Renovate Strawberries
  • Caring for Peonies
  • Prune Early-Blooming Clematis
  • Helping Squash Pollination

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