Rocky Mountains

April, 2004
Regional Report

In the Garden


Weeds in the Yard: How to Cope and Win

Weeds. They tenaciously compete with our grass for water and nutrients. They are prolific and highly reproductive to insure future generations. Lawn weeds can be controlled in a variety of ways. By observing them and the way they grow, you can determine...
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Guide to Rocky Mountain Gardening If you want one book that covers all the important information and answers to your garden...

Favorite or New Plant

Creeping Juniper When you talk junipers, creeping junipers ( Juniperus species and hybrids) may not be the most...
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Regional Reminders

  • Be on the Watch for Lawn Insect Pests
  • Time to Plant Summer-Flowering Glads
  • Watch for Signs of Shade Tree Borers
  • Examine New Growth on Spruce
  • Spring is the Time to Transplant Houseplants

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