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Planning and Planting for Fall Harvest

What's the secret to fall gardening? Planning ahead! Read more about crops for a fall harvest.

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Featured Article Featuring: Edible of the Month - Grapes

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Regional Gardening Reports Featuring: Mid-Atlantic

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Fallscaping in the Garden

August 2014

We may still be enjoying beach weather in August, but slowly and surely the days are getting shorter, heralding the not-too-distant arrival of autumn and the start of a new gardening season. It's time to think about some "fallscaping"...
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Tip of the Day

Grow Hardy Chrysanthemums

To over winter chrysanthemums in the North where many only survive as annuals, choose 'Clara Curtis' or 'Hillside Sheffield Pink'. Plant in well-drained soil, in a protected location, and mulch the plants with bark mulch after a hard freeze.

Green Gardening Tips

Build a Compost Pile

Late summer and fall are great times to start a compost pile, as fall leaves and garden clippings give you plenty of material to work with. Homemade compost will provide you with "black gold" that will lighten…
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Gardener to Gardener

As we bask in the long, hot days of high summer, the cooler weather of fall and winter still seems a long way off. You may be busy picking beans, corn, and tomatoes, but take some time now to plan and plant for an extended harvest from your vegetable garden and continued color and bloom in your flower garden. Check out our suggestions for easy ways to extend the season so you can enjoy your garden’s beauty and bounty as long as possible.
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