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Choosing Strawberries

Find out the difference between June-bearing, day-neutral, and everbearing varieties.

Hyatt Regency and

Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson awards significant community grant to

A Chat with High Mowing Organic Seeds

Tom Stearns, Founder of High Mowing Organic Seeds, tell us what goes into growing the best seeds.

Get ready for indoor seed starting!

Find everything you need to get started and helpful tips for seed sowing success.

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Tip of the Day

Control Moles in Lawn

Long, winding tunnels in your lawn are sure signs of moles. To safely discourage them, spray the lawn with a mole repellent made from the oil of castor beans. Moles hate the smell.

Green Gardening Tips

Clean the Air - Plant a Tree!

Trees benefit our landscapes in many ways. We are all familiar with the beauty, color, and welcome shade trees add to our gardens. They also provide food and shelter to birds and other wildlife; when placed properly…
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Gardener to Gardener

By early spring we’re all itching to get outside in the garden for some green thumb time. While it may still be too early for digging and planting in many parts of the country, it’s not too soon to start in on pruning chores. So check out our tips on pruning tools, timing, and techniques in this month’s newsletter. Then sharpen those pruners and get out in the garden!
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Ask & Share

Share advice, get tips and more on our Ask & Share discussion forum - powered by the National Gardening Association, HGTV Gardens, and you.
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