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Create a Family Butterfly Garden

Explore the wonders of nature as a family by planting a colorful garden to attract and nurture butterflies.

Tomato Insect and Disease Problems

Find out how to identify and control common tomato pests and diseases in your home garden.

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Strategies for School Garden Success

A second year of successful growing is underway at two schools in Brooklyn.

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Tip of the Day

Measuring Water Applied by Sprinklers

To measure the amount of water your sprinkler is applying, take 6 empty tuna fish cans and place them at various distances around the sprinkler. Time how long it takes for the cans to accumulate 1 inch of water.

Green Gardening Tips

Plant Milkweed to Help Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are amazing creatures. These strikingly colored, orange, white, and black butterflies migrate up to three thousand miles every year to spend the winter roosting in large groups in mild winter areas of Mexico and California. Unfortunately, they are also in deep…
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Gardener to Gardener

A garden full of blooming flowers is a wonderful sight, one that gains an extra dimension of beauty when it's accented with the eye-catching colors and patterns of butterfly wings or the iridescent flash of a tiny hummingbird. Find out how to attract and nurture all the life cycle stages of these delightful creatures by including the proper plants, along with water, shelter, and nest-building materials, in this month's newsletter.
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