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Our longest running grant program needs your help. Join the #YGGNation and help fund Youth Garden Grants!

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KidsGardening Celebrates 1000 Gardens

Celebrating our partnership with Gro1000 to install 1000 community gardens and green spaces.

Rein in Stormwater with a Rain Garden

Protect the environment by capturing storm water in a rain garden before it becomes polluting runoff.

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Growing Ideas Blog

Tip of the Day

Divide Easy-Care Perennials

Divide perennials such as daylilies now. Dig up clumps, separate out young plants, discard diseased or damaged roots, amend the soil with compost, and replant at the same depth as they were in the original bed.

Green Gardening Tips

Invite Good Guys into the Garden

Looking for help controlling pests in the garden? There is an army of tiny helpers eager to lend a hand…
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Gardener to Gardener

Summer is winding down and the cooler days of fall beckon. But there is no need to hang up your gardening gloves as the seasons change. No matter where you garden, you can still continue to enjoy homegrown produce by planting crops to harvest in the fall and even winter months, and keep on with the harvest of summer planted crops until frost and cold weather arrive. Find out how to plant for a late harvest and pick at the peak of perfection in this month's report.
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