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Regional Gardening Reports Featuring: New England

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Regional Reports Says Goodbye!

For the past 14 years, NGA has been delivering great gardening information to home gardeners across the country in our Regional Reports e-newsletters. We're proud to have been able to help...
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Tip of the Day

Apply Dormant Oil Sprays

Spray deciduous fruit trees with horticultural oil to kill any over wintering insects such as scale and aphids. Spray on a calm, dry, day with temperatures above 45F. Spray until the oil begins to drip off the branches.

Green Gardening Tips

Be Dark-Sky Friendly

In late fall and winter days not only get colder but shorter as well, making it more likely that our outdoor lights remain on for many hours. What effect does this artificial light, now and throughout the year, have…
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Gardener to Gardener

If bleak winter weather and frigid polar vortexes are getting you down, don’t despair! Starting seeds of vegetables, herbs, and flowers early indoors is a great antidote to the winter doldrums. While it may not yet be time to begin seed starting in many parts of the country, it is time to begin selecting and ordering seeds, gathering supplies, and getting ready for indoor seed starting. Find out how to make your seed starting a success in this month’s newsletter.
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